This Page Is All About How To Release Your Muscle Tension.

What Is MyoFascia?
It is the white connective tissue that envelops all muscles of your body - allowing them to glide without friction beside each other. It also transfers muscle force energy from one part of the body to another. For example, when you throw a ball, the energy you get from your abdominal core muscles link up with that of your shoulder muscles, and then arm muscles until the ball is released out of your finger tips.

MyoFascial Release is about breaking up the tension to restore the continuous link or ‘myofascial train’ to optimal function.

Key Principles of MyoFascial Release - in this order.

► Scan and Attack The Knots (Muscle Trigger Points)

  • Using a hard ball or foam roller, explore the entirety of the muscle, Scanning for any painful knots that need to be released. Then Attack those knots. (You will get 90% of the results by focusing just 2 minutes on the Trigger Points compared to 20 minutes generally rolling out the muscle.)
  • Your chiropractor will assess your body as a whole and your myofascial connections - so we will guide you to which muscles to free up; sometimes quite distant from where your pain is.

► Stretch the Muscles

Videos on Self-MyoFascial Release: (new videos continually being added)

Neck and Upper Back


Upper Limb (Upper Arm, Forearm, and Hands)

Lower Back

Hip (Glutes, Hip Flexors and Groin)

Thigh (Quadriceps, Hamstring)

Lower Legs and Feet (Calves, Shins, Plantar Fascia)

Written by the team of Chiropractors at Adelaide Family Chiropractic - Serving South Adelaide and Mid Coast Regions