Chiropractor Q + A

How do you do chiropractic on babies?

"Completely different to adults. There is no 'cracking' of joints. It is very gentle. If we find that there are any joints misaligned, we gently press and hold (like the pressure of testing the ripeness of a tomato) in a specific direction to improve it.

As gentle as it is, it can still be painful to them. An inflamed joint is tender to even a light touch.”

Why would someone bring their baby to a chiropractor?

"Essentially, the main thing chiropractic does is decrease spinal tension. We have parents bring their baby to see a chiropractor because they are concerned about the physical stress their infant may have endured during birth, or even from a pregnancy where the baby has been in a position unable to move much (in-utero constraint).

By removing tension off the spine, there is less stress on the nervous system, improving its function - and your nervous system controls your entire body.”

Is Chiropractic safe for children?

All of our chiropractors have completed extra training in paediatric chiropractic care and frequently upskill. You can be assured that on your first visit, a thorough history and exam will take place to find out if we can help your precious little one. Your chiropractor will ensure that you fully understand and consent to any treatments recommended for your child.

An independent review was undertaken in 2019 by Safer Care Victoria regarding chiropractic care for under 12s. Here are some of the results:

Of all respondents, 99.7% (21,750) reported a positive experience with the chiropractic care of their children. The overwhelming majority of parents/guardians reported that chiropractic spinal care helped their child, with 98% (21,474) indicating that their child improved after treatment.

It was clear that parents/guardians appreciated the time that their child’s chiropractor took to listen to their child’s symptoms and to engage with them and their child. A sentiment that was strongly expressed was the right of a parent/guardian to choose their child’s care.

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