Sport Performance: Are you neglecting this from your training?

This article is inspired by the biography of the world’s fastest sprinter, Usain Bolt.

Here is one of the biggest takeaways from the biography....

The importance of SLEEP!

Bolt literally wrote in his training program time to sleep. He knew that this was critical for him to recover from the day’s physical and mental training.

Interestingly, he suffered from back pain due to scoliosis. He used chiropractic regularly to help him both for comfort, and performance. The more comfortable he was, the better he could sleep. The better he could sleep, the better his body recovered from his trainings. Allowing his body to become stronger for the next day.

This equation is simple but accurate:

Stress + Rest = Growth.

Sprint Training + Sleep = Better Sprinting Performance.

Are you getting enough sleep? Is it quality sleep?

If you think that your spinal tension might be affecting your sleep, let your chiropractor know; we might be able to help!

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