Harness the Power of Sunlight for Better Health

Are you yearning for improved sleep, heightened energy levels, and reduced joint pain—all for free? Wondering how to achieve this? The answer is simple: step outside! Early morning exposure to sunlight, with your face turned towards the light and your skin soaking it in, has been proven to offer numerous health benefits.

As the sun graces us with its presence earlier and lingers longer, making a habit of stepping outside for breakfast or savoring your morning cup of tea can be one of the most beneficial choices for your health. Here's why:

Sunlight and Vitamin D:

When we expose our skin to sunlight, our bodies produce Vitamin D. The more skin you expose, the better. Feel free to shed your top or don a singlet and soak in the sun. Vitamin D is closely linked to robust immune and joint health, making it a crucial factor in alleviating joint pain.

Safe Sun Viewing:

Contrary to the advice to never stare at the sun, early morning sun gazing at a low solar angle (when the sun is low on the horizon) is not only safe but also incredibly beneficial. Looking towards the sun for 10 minutes on a clear day and 20-30 minutes on an overcast day has demonstrated significant advantages. Sun exposure aids in obtaining vitamin D, while early morning exposure boosts cortisol levels. Cortisol, released in response to sunlight, is the hormone responsible for waking us up and providing energy throughout the day.

Cortisol and its Impact on Health:

While cortisol is often dubbed the "stress hormone," it plays a vital role in our daily energy levels. Excessive cortisol release over prolonged periods of chronic stress can have detrimental effects. On the other hand, low cortisol levels are associated with symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, and depression. Maintaining optimal cortisol levels, higher in the morning and lower in the evening, is linked to improved mood, energy, focus, and more restful sleep.

Tips for Sun Exposure:

  1. Aim to view sunlight as early as possible after waking (between 15-30 minutes).
  2. Face east in the morning without sunglasses. It is safe to view low solar angle sunlight. Blink as needed to protect your eyes, and if uncomfortable, avert your gaze by 10-20 degrees on either side. Glasses can help concentrate the light in your eyes.
  3. Take a Walk: Embrace the benefits of early sunlight exposure by taking a walk, and consider bringing your kids and dogs along. They need vitamin D, just like adults. It's a wonderful way to start the day with the people or pets you love.

Incorporating early morning sunlight exposure into your routine can be a game-changer for your overall well-being. Enjoy the revitalising effects of the sun, boost your Vitamin D levels, regulate cortisol, and set the tone for a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

Dr. Laura Sully

Family Chiropractor

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