Water is by far the most vital thing we can put in our body.  As important as we all know it is, we overlook its significance and the signs that we are running low on it.

If you are:
-stiff every morning (back and other joints)
-joints are ‘creaky’ or ‘gritty’
-muscles are always tight and tense
-muscles are cramping

Before you reach for any supplements to help; 
I beg you to ask yourself: ‘have I been drinking enough water?’ 

Your adult body should be about 60% water to run efficiently (and much more if you are a teenager)
So that: 
-Electrical current in your nerves can travel effectively.
-Your muscles are supple and elastic in nature.
-Your blood flows smoothly, transporting minerals, vitamins and other nutrition to the muscles, organs, and every cell in your body.

So, how much water should you drink on a normal day?  - more than you think.

50% of your body weight(lbs) in ounces.  (age 18+)

75% of your body weight(lbs) in ounces.   (age 2-17)

I haven’t found an easy calculation to remember using kilograms and liters.
So my suggestion is to use your phone and either ask Siri or Google to make the conversion for you.

Recommendation from: Dr. Batmanghelidj , an expert medical doctor on this topic.
From his book: ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’

Happy Drinking :)

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